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Be Mindful of your Home’s Energy Vampires

Some Energy vampires:  cell phone charging cords left plugged in, computers, printers, satellite/cable boxes, video game consoles, stereos, microwave, Flat screen TVs especially those equipped with smart technology, garage door openers, digital clocks, coffeemaker, electric toothbrushes, furnaces, water heaters and even answering machines. Basically, anything with a digital display is drawing power non-stop to keep the information up to date. These are all ready to receive a signal. This is known as standby power or phantom load. What’s scary is that these energy phantoms can cost you as much as much as $100 a year or more on your energy bills. Most people think “off” is off but what that means is that the product goes into standby/phantom load. The device is still drawing electricity/energy and costing you money. One easy solution is to plug multiple items into the strip and simply turn it off when you’re not using the devices. If the strip is “off”, you don’t have to worry about leaking electricity. You might also consider purchasing a “Smart Power Strip” which can detect when you are not using your TV or computer and automatically cuts off power. They have several “always on” slots for those devices that need to stay powered on, such as a DVR. And finally remember when shopping for new appliances or electronics, look for the Energy Star label. These models often use 50 percent less standby power.

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