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Why is smoke coming out of outlet?

This is yet another reason to know who your electrician is and the quality of his workmanship. Ask questions – are they connecting your device with a quick “backstab” OR a “true connection”? “Backstabbing” a device is quick and legal but not the best connection. When electricity goes through wiring and devices it creates heat. Over time a connection may loosen and create arcing and melting may occur. My customer wasn’t even using this outlet but fortunately was in the same room and saw smoke coming out of the outlet.

C&S Electric of Louisburg LLC ONLY uses a True Connection. This is when wires are hooked and are placed under a screw and tightened. Yes, this extra step takes time, but it is well worth it since it makes for a secured connection. Our company is based on the belief that the safety of our customers is of the utmost importance, and we are committed to meeting those needs

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