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C&S Electric of Louisburg LLC Opened in April 2019

I’m proud to announce that we now hold an UNLIMITED License and Bonded.

I grew up on Long Island where my dad instilled in both my brother and me that you must give back to your community such as a volunteer firefighter/medic as he was. Today, my dad continues, over 51 years of service, and has retired as a paramedic from FDNY. My brother is a FDNY hazmat specialist/instructor and is co-creator of The HazMat Guys (check out The HazMat While living in NY I worked as a technician for small electrical companies. Then it was my privilege and honor to be accepted into the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers. It was a lot of studying but so worth it.

After getting married, my wife and I decided to relocate to North Carolina to follow our dreams of buying a home, starting a family, becoming a paid firefighter in NC along with volunteering at our local firehouse…. And all that happened with a lot of hard work and sacrifice. However, my main dream was building our own electrical company.

I left the fire department and went to work for small electrical companies to learn the codes/rules of North Carolina.

I then took lots of classes and worked beside some of the very best electricians out there. When I passed my electrical license test, C&S Electric of Louisburg LLC was born. over

Competitive Electrician Prices

Our prices are very competitive and our response time unbelievable. We respond quickly to your Emergency calls – either email us OR call us and you will most definitely receive a return call. Some of the work we are known for: Whole House Generator installation/wiring, Replacing Meter Base Combo w/Main Breaker, Well Wiring, Pool & Landscaping Wiring, Rough Wiring. One of my customers has named me the “Electricity Whisperer”- If you’ve called in one or more electricians to fix your problem and the problem still exists call me – I specialize in locating and repairing/replacing problematic electrical wiring-connections-splices etc. 

Our phones/email ARE monitored often. Please give us a call. As long as you’re going to pay for a Pro – you should get one!

Craig Owner & Licensed Electrician​

Craig Salvesen

Owner & Unlimited Licensed Electrician