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Whole House Generators

Whole House Generators

In our digital age, it’s becoming more and more common to see homeowners purchasing whole house generators. A whole house generator serves as your house’s power source in the event of an outage. The rationale for purchasing a house generator varies by household. Some homeowners merely want the security of knowing they can have power in their house, while others need the power for electrical medical devices. Regardless of your rationale, you must ensure the whole house generator is installed properly for the best results; luckily, you can do that with our whole house generator services. C&S Electric of Louisburg LLC is proud to serve our community with our electrical services, including whole house generator installation. 

What We Do

After our conversation with you, our Unlimited Licensed electrician will come to your home and install the whole house generator for you. Because we’re Unlimited Licensed, we can ensure your generator is installed properly and will work as expected. 

We must:

  • Gather information and spec out the unit for the size and location of generator needed for home
  • Apply for the permit for customer
  • Arrange with the power company for power shut down so that we can make our connections
  • Prepare generator bed if necessary
  • Purchase required signage that must be installed
  • Schedule the electrical inspection with the proper jurisdiction
  • After electrical inspection has been approved, follow up that power company re-energizes the same day (inspector will generally call this in)
  • Wait for “others” to finish their job, such as installing/connecting a gas line etc. If this applies after “others” complete their jobs, schedule a final inspection
  • This is why C&S Electric of Louisburg LLC is the only choice since your installation from start to finish should be seamless

Why C&S Electric of Louisburg LLC

At C&S Electric of Louisburg LLC, our business is grounded in integrity and quality work. With all our experience, our whole house generator services are unmatched. We take a lot of pride in helping our local community and surrounding cities by installing their whole house generators. To best serve our customers, our Unlimited Licensed electricians offer top-quality service 24 hours a day, seven days a week at competitive prices.

Many homeowners don’t realize they need a whole house generator until they face a serious situation in which they truly require one. Don’t find yourself in a conundrum; get a generator to power your entire house today.

If you have any questions regarding our whole house generator services, please don’t hesitate to give us a call. We’ll be happy to provide you with a quote.

All electrical work serviced and installed by an Unlimited Licensed electrician*.

* Unlimited License, or Unlimited Classification: Requires five years of experience, along with two electrician experienced vouchers which are sworn statements by previously employed electrical contractors that you worked as an electrician. They must sit for and pass an intensive electrical exam before their license is issued. Unlimited electrical contractors do not have project value or voltage limitations. Electricians must also take the required continuing education hours per calendar year to maintain their electrical license.