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Surge Protection for Your Home

House had high voltage enter through power wires due to ice storm. If customer had known about and had installed a whole house surge protector on their main service (approximately $600) prior, they would have saved the cost of replacing the damaged control boards on AC units, TV, Dryer, Washer, Frig, multiple breakers throughout residence and hiring a licensed electrician to do the repair work plus contacting ac contractor and appliance repair company. Currently, the NEC2020 Code requires a surge protector on all new houses, service replacements and renovations. (Note: some areas are not using the updated code at this time.) Most highly rated surge protection companies will cover insurance claims since the surge protector would be filed under the customer’s name.

The electrician you hire should hold an unlimited license. This license means they have been through training to provide many services. That’s why we offer our unlimited licensed electrician in your area. We believe in supporting our neighbors when they’re in need. We do our part by providing 24/7 emergency service because you should never attempt to fix an electrical issue without the necessary experience. Our electrician will finish the job properly and safely the first time.

If you have any questions about our services, or if you’d like an estimate, just give us a call, or email us. We’re also proud to mention that we are an Authorized Sales and Installation Dealer for Generac offering financing to those who qualify.