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Craig Salvesen - Unlimited License Holder
Customer had a handyman install a beautiful chandelier. Notice that the excess wiring is hanging out of the bottom of the fixture because handyman didn’t know how to properly assemble the fixture and left discarding the remaining parts. Customer was then left to purchase another fixture.
Customer noticed lights flickering and tv going on and off but didn’t have time to call an electrician. Luck was with customer as the fire from a loose connection in an outlet – hidden behind a chair - started a fire in his guest room. Luckily the door was closed and smoke alarms were active.
Customer had issue with outdoor outlets. Upon opening cover, discovered ants had made a nest and were coming into panel due to all the openings that should have been sealed. Customer had to replace panel due to insect damage.
Knob & Tube Wiring - Used in Older Homes - Should Always be Replaced with New Safe Wiring.
Another Example of Melted Wires
Smoke was seen coming out of outlet cover
High Voltage entered Home
Tree Damage Overhead Electrical Wires - this is why underground is best!
Instead of inserting electrical wires in pvc the wires were "covered" with duct tape - customer was out of state and had no idea!
Not only did I do my electrical work but also notified customer of MULTIPLE water leaks underneath home, taking pictures with my cell.
Backstabbing a device - never the right choice. We ONLY use True Mechnical Connections.
Shoddy Workmanship
Another Issue with Wire Melted
Poor Workmanship - slice on wire left uncovered
Melted cover discovered behind couch
Melted device
Melted wires - incorrect use of wire nuts
Melted wire
Melted dryer plug hidden behind a faceplate.
loose connections on screw A
Melted outlet due to faulty connection
Loose connections on outlet.
Faulty connection caused melting leading to possible fire... have a licensed electrician do your electrical work.
Age and Water Damage PLUS Multiple Violations such as Double Tapped Wires
Poorly Maintained Electrical Equipment
Poorly Maintained Electrical Equipment
Open/Exposed Electrical Wires
Poorly maintained equipment with holes not covered allowing insects such as spiders and even snakes from nesting within out of the weather.
Poorly maintained equipment with holes not covered allowing insects such as spiders and even snakes from nesting within out of the weather.
Poor Connection Creates Arching / Melting
Poor Connection Creates Arching / Melting
Water above from bad plumbing corroded wire covering
This is a mechanical connection which is the best true connection. I only do this type of connection. Yes, it takes extra time but my workmanship means everything to me! Customer’s safety is paramount and I take pride in my trade.

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