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The Right Choice For Your Electrical Needs

As a local Unlimited Licensed electrician in Louisburg including Lake Royale, NC, your satisfaction is our main goal because our quality electrical services are the major reason for our distinctiveness. Our standards are set high which makes it hard to be matched by any other electric service company in the area.

Give us a call to arrange for a quote … you won’t be disappointed.

Realtors / Brokers / Medical Facilities / Dental Offices
Environmental Maintenance Companies

C&S Electric of Louisburg LLC works with Realtors / Brokers / Medical Facilities and Dental offices with everything from new buildings to renovations. We will always try to schedule your jobs while considering that, sometimes, we must work around patient hours to complete the job on time. We also work with crawl space and environment maintenance companies.

Professional Residential Electrical Services Offered

We assure you that we will provide you with comprehensive residential electrical
services far superior to what you expected. We want to give you the peace of mind that
gets alarmed due to your electrical issues. Along with this, we also offer the following perks of hiring us as your electrician:

  • Unlimited Licensed Electrician does YOUR job.
  • Integrity is what we have worked for and continue to strive for!
  • Responsive, Flexible in Scheduling and Executes Clean Looking Installation.
  • We have a CAN DO attitude with a wealth of Experience and vast Electrical Knowledge.
  • Professional, Smart, Good Humored and Affordable.
  • Skilled and Loves the Challenge in Troubleshooting Wiring Issues.
  • A True Craftsman, Doesn’t Cut Corners.
  • We listen to your concerns and offer solutions always being mindful of your budget.
  • Transparent billing with no hidden fees. Additional work always needs your approval before it’s begun.
  • We offer many services such as Code Violation Corrections and Safety with Older Homes to name a few.
  • With over 23 years experience we can offer solutions to electrical issues that you may be experiencing.

All electrical work serviced and installed by an Unlimited Licensed electrician*.

* Unlimited License, or Unlimited Classification: Requires five years of experience, along with two electrician experienced vouchers which are sworn statements by previously employed electrical contractors that you worked as an electrician. They must sit for and pass an intensive electrical exam before their license is issued. Unlimited electrical contractors do not have project value or voltage limitations. Electricians must also take the required continuing education hours per calendar year to maintain their electrical license.


Commercial Electrical Contractor

C&S Electric of Louisburg LLC works with General Contractors from new buildings to renovations. We will always try to schedule our jobs while considering the General Contractor’s time schedule so that we complete the job on time.