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Electricity usually functions unattended with little need for maintenance over time. BUT when something goes wrong this can reveal surprises that may have considerable costs and safety issues attached to them. Older electrical systems called knob and tube wiring should be considered for replacement. Knob and tube wiring may be safe in a house, AS LONG AS the materials remain in good shape. However, some homeowners have taken it on themselves to DIY repairs and maintenance to knob and tube systems, sometimes splicing onto newer wiring for the additions of electrical gadgets that didn’t exist when the homes were built. This can be very unsafe. Some reasons that knob and tube wiring can be harmful: No ground wiring, Insulation around the Conductor becomes brittle over time especially when homeowners use heavy power usage, Homeowner increases the amperage of a fuse due to nuisance tripping, Stretching and Sagging, and No Arc Fault Protection to name a few”.

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