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Why a Professional Should Handle a New Light Installation

Why a Professional Should Handle a New Light Installation

DIY is all the rage, and plenty of projects are perfect for tackling on your own. However, some projects— especially electrical ones—are dangerous simply because one false move or forgotten step could lead to a fire or electrical shock. Let’s discuss why a professional should handle a new light installation in your home.

Live Wires

A live wire carries an electrical current. In other words, it’s not safe to touch. When installing a new light fixture, the power supply must be turned off and the wires tested to make sure they’re no longer receiving a current.

Unless you are quite experienced in this step, it’s too risky to take a chance of getting shocked or worse. This is a very important reason why a professional should handle a new light installation.

Structural Changes

Out with the old and in with the new is easier said than done. Once the old light comes down, don’t assume the new one will fit perfectly. This is a common and frustrating issue when trying to install a new light without a professional’s help.

Without proper support, a new light could come crashing down from the ceiling. A professional will be able to spot the potential of this happening and know how to remedy the situation.

Improper Connections

As previously mentioned, unless you are well experienced or a professional, it can be hard to recognize improper connections, and that’s not safe. Improper connections and wires left exposed are a fire hazard.

A licensed electrician can see when faulty wiring is hiding under your old light fixture. As long as it’s coming down, now is a great time to have a safety check of the wiring done by your electrician.

In conclusion, an excellent licensed electrician stands by their word and won’t settle for anything less than a job well done. Once your lights are installed by a professional, you’ll feel confident about the installation and have someone to call if any questions or concerns arise.

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