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Did your Electrician use a “back stab” or a “true connection”? Yes, it does matter!

A customer needs to ASK what method his electrician is using when working on their devices. Is the device connection a quick “backstab” OR a “true connection”? “Backstabbing” a device is quick and legal but not the best connection. When electricity goes through wiring and devices it creates heat. Over time a connection may loosen and create arcing and melting will occur.

C&S Electric of Louisburg LLC only uses a True Connection. This is when wires are hooked and are placed under a screw and tightened. Yes, this extra step takes time, but it is well worth it since it makes for a secured connection.

C&S Electric of Louisburg LLC offers residential and as well as commercial electrical services for Louisburg and all other surrounding areas. You can trust that the professionals at C&S Electric of Louisburg LLC will do your job correctly the first time – whether it be new installations or repairs.