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How To Maintain Your Electrical Wiring

How To Maintain Your Electrical Wiring

Once a home is wired, it isn’t wise to assume everything is safe as long as there are no obvious problems. The best way to maintain your electrical wiring is to not ignore issues such as flickering lights and/or any odd things that you observe regarding your electricity. It is wise to stay ahead of any potential issues by contacting your licensed electrician to investigate any concerns you have and conducting repairs and/or improvements when necessary.

Test Regularly

“Install it and forget it” is not a motto to live by when it comes to electrical wiring. Testing kits are available, and anyone can safely use them. Simply plug the tester into an outlet, and it will light up to indicate any electrical issues. This is a great way to catch dangerous problems early.

Replace Old Wiring

Just because the old wiring has done well so far doesn’t mean it is the safest option for your home anymore.

Old wiring is prone to wearing out and/or becoming damaged. That’s a dangerous thing to take a chance with, so update the old wiring and replace it with new, safe wiring instead.

Safety Certified

Save money in other areas if you like, but not with your wiring. Cheap wiring is often not safety-certified, and who knows what you are putting into your home with faulty wiring. Look for wiring that is UL listed, safety-certified and meets all necessary safety standards.

No Moisture

We are taught in grade school that water and electricity don’t mix.

Outlets, cords, plugs, and appliances must be kept away from moisture. Counter tops and anywhere within six feet of a sink should have GFI protected outlets. Also remember that all outdoor outlets must be GFI protected.

Professional Repairs and Installation

DIY has its place, but not with anything that presents a potential safety hazard. Sadly, electrical mistakes are a common cause of fires. Allow a licensed electrician to do the electrical work, and you’ll feel confident it’s done safely and correctly.

Wattage Matters

That wattage number provided on your lightbulbs is there for a reason. Follow the guidelines to prevent overheating of bulbs. Remember that all fixtures have a label that says the maximum wattage allowed for the bulb used. Be mindful of this.

Don’t Overload

Some appliances use a lot of power and oftentimes, some appliances need their own dedicated circuit. If your circuits keep tripping, one of the reasons might be that you are overloading them. Be aware of which appliances often run at the same time when the circuit trips. This is helpful in figuring out which ones should operate separately.

If this occurrence happens often, contact your licensed electrician to see if wiring repairs and/or improvements are needed.

In conclusion, wiring is nothing to mess with, as it presents a fire hazard when not done properly. Maintain your electrical wiring with repairs and/or improvements as needed.

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