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Multiple window air conditioners plugged into outlets in various rooms were overloading electric. These types of appliances use a lot of power. Customer didn’t want to add an additional circuit and thought that each outlet in each room works on its own. This is not accurate. Oftentimes, these types of appliances need their own dedicated circuit. Electric was warning customer, for example, by turning their tv on/off in another room. The room of this fire was unoccupied and luckily the door was closed! The outlet sparked ignition to chair directly in front of it. Nothing was plugged into this outlet. Tenant woke up during the night and noticed the residence was filled with heavy smoke. The smoke alarms had no batteries. Smoke alarms only work if they have fresh batteries installed and/or plugged in. If they annoy you when they chirp, there’s a reason and it’s in your best interest to pay attention. Fire department extinguished fire but some damage to the wall/ceiling had to be made to make sure all fire was out. If you ever have a strange electrical issue occurring, please call a licensed electrician asap. We take many classes and have many hours of experience to troubleshoot these types of electrical issues.  This is not a DIY project and nothing to mess around with. It also very important to maintain your electrical wiring with repairs and/or improvements as needed. C&S Electric of Louisburg LLC, is your trusted source guaranteeing you’ll get a licensed electrician to do your job from residential repairs and/or improvements to wiring your she/he shed. Your safety is our top priority. Contact us for all your electrical needs and the services that we can provide.