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Why You Need a GFCI in Certain Situations

Electricity is nothing to be messed with or taken lightly. Electrical shocks can vary from mild to life-threatening. A GFCI (ground fault circuit interrupter) outlet can help prevent an electrical shock by immediately shutting off the electrical current when it detects danger, such as water. If your home or commercial building does not have GFCI available, contact your local electrician to replace the outlets in your home or work with an electrician who specializes in commercial electrical repairs for your business.

Keeping Your Employees Safe

In the interest of safety in the workplace, GFCI is an absolute necessity. Electrocution is a high risk in buildings that utilize plenty of electronics, appliances, and other machinery. A sudden risk of water or other electrical safety issues can happen quickly and may go unseen. A GFCI is there to prevent the unseen dangers from causing injury.

Beyond the obvious large-scale issues in a commercial building, areas such as break rooms and restrooms need to be protected with GFCI outlets to ensure the safety of employees no matter where they are in the building. Commercial electrical repairs, such as GFCI installation or replacement, can be done by electricians who specialize in commercial buildings.

Keep Your Home Safe

Although on a smaller scale than commercial, protecting your family at home requires checking for electrical safety issues as well. Bathrooms and kitchens come to mind when considering why you need a GFCI in certain situations. These areas of the home have constant moisture and water risks simply because of their function in the home.

When moisture or water is detected by a GFCI outlet, the power to the outlet is immediately cut off, effectively protecting a family member who may have been about to use a dangerous electrical appliance.

Replace Outlets in Your Home or Business

Whether dealing with residential or commercial electricity, your family members and employees will be safer when GFCI is installed. Replacing traditional outlets with GFCI will give everyone peace of mind. Replacement is a quick fix when using a professional electrician. The small cost and short amount of time could be the difference between life or death.

Keep electrical safety at the front of your mind by setting up a reminder to check your outlets for safety. Make note of what you can improve and begin implementing safer options in your home or business. Please contact C&S Electric of Louisburg LLC for any questions!