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Why a New Panel Requires the Same Brand Breakers

There are a few reasons why a new panel requires the same brand breakers. Mixing brands might lead to an imperfect fit which can be dangerous. Using the wrong breaker could also cause your panel to fail an inspection should you decide to sell your home, and the warranty on your circuit breaker panel may be voided.

Failing an Inspection

There is plenty to prepare for when having a home inspection. Circuit breakers are important and will absolutely be on the list.

It can be tempting to save a little money when seeking to replace a breaker. However, that shortcut will cost you during a home inspection. Stick with the same brand breaker that you have and avoid the headache and possibly the higher cost of having to replace the breaker again.

Always seek the help of a licensed electrician to be sure your breaker and any other electrical issues are being handled properly.

Voided Warranty

Many breaker panels have warranties for up to five years for replacement. That warranty will be voided if there is a problem and it is found that a breaker of a different brand was used to replace an original breaker on the panel.

Why Is Mixing Breaker Brands Dangerous?

When a new panel is placed in a home with the appropriate breakers, it has been tested for safety with that particular brand of breakers.

Changing brands can lead to issues such as an imperfect fit because a brand was not designed for that panel. A breaker needs to be prepared to shut off power immediately for the safety of your home or business. If it doesn’t fit properly, the chances of the breaker not doing its job increases.

Electrical components are nothing to cut corners with. The risk of electrical problems or fire increases when things are not done correctly.

C&S Electric of Louisburg LLC understands why a new panel requires the same brand breakers, and we can take care of providing the proper replacements for you. You can trust us for all your electrical needs to keep your home or business safe from electrical hazards.

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