Residential & Commercial Electrical Contractor

Unlimited Licensed Electrician in Spring Hope, NC

We all depend on electricity every day, whether turning the lights on and off, running appliances, or charging electronics. When you move into a new home here in Spring Hope, North Carolina, the first things you look at are lights, outlets, ceiling fans, and so on. Like any home, you must keep up with maintenance/repairs and understand that electrical items do age-out and must be replaced. However, electrical work isn’t something you should try to DIY, as there’s a lot of room for error. Craig Salvesen, Unlimited License holder, in Spring Hope, North Carolina, offers services to both residential and commercial customers. We are a BBB Accredited Business, Google Guaranteed with over 85 5-Star Reviews which you can at your leisure and member of the Chamber of Commerce. Read on to learn more about our services.

Some of our Residential Services

  • Lighting including outdoor security, spotlights and motion spotlights plus many other options
  • Ceiling fans making sure that the proper light/fixture box is installed to support weight of fixture
  • Outlets, switches, three-way switches, and dimmers
  • Upgrading your fuse box to an up-to-date breaker panel
  • Updating most of your lighting to LEDs to benefit both your wallet in that you never have to buy bulbs again or get up on a ladder to put them in and environment considerations also
  • Dryer and Stove plugs plus each with a dedicated circuit
  • Smoke Detectors and Carbon Monoxide Detectors
  • Wiring and Rewiring
  • Whole house generators
  • Panel and breaker replacements, repairs, and/or upgrades on Homes, Mobile Homes, and Businesses
  • Upgrading your fuse box to up-to-date breaker panel
  • Electric Car Charger installation
  • Working with Out-of-State Homeowners / Landlords
  • Electric Repairs / Insurance Claims
  • Troubleshooting Electrical Issues
  • …and much more!

Some of our Commercial Services

If you own a business in Spring Hope, North Carolina, our unlimited licensed electrician can help you as well. Only an electrician who holds an Unlimited License has experience for this type of work as there’s a higher risk involved with commercial electricity due to the voltage. Our commercial electrical services in Spring Hope, North Carolina, include the following:

  • Indoor commercial lighting
  • Surge protection
  • Power distribution
  • Transformers
  • …and much more!

With the higher power required for a business, commercial electrical work is significantly more dangerous. That’s why you should take advantage of our unlimited licensed electrical services in Spring Hope, North Carolina, to ensure the job is completed safely and properly.

Whether you need electrical services at your home or business, you must hire a licensed electrician to ensure the job is done correctly and safely.

    Why C&S Electric of Louisburg LLC?

    The electrician you hire should hold an unlimited license. This license means they have been through many hours of in-field experience and hours of continuing education to maintain their license. This experience makes them well qualified to handle all types of electrical issues and equipment while also providing many other services. That’s why we offer our excellent electrical services in Spring Hope, North Carolina. We believe in supporting our neighbors when they’re in need. We do our part by providing 24/7 emergency service because you should never attempt to fix an electrical issue without the necessary experience. Our electrician will complete the job properly and safely the first time. If you have any questions about our services in Spring Hope, just give us a call at 919-729-4349 or fill out the form here.