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Commercial Electrician Services

Commercial Electrician Repair Services

Does your business, factory, or other commercial building need electrical repairs? We can help! Our commercial electrician services cover every type of repair that your business may encounter. Commercial electrical repairs are unique because of the large amounts of power needed for commercial buildings. That said, commercial electrical repairs are also unique because you need an Unlimited Licensed electrician handling your facility’s repairs. Simply put, you need an expert. C&S Electric of Louisburg LLC is proud to provide commercial electrical services from Unlimited Licensed electricians with decades of experience; learn more about us below.

The Services We Provide

Our Unlimited Licensed commercial electrician has experience in a wide array of services. Whether you need your entire facility rewired, outlets updated, panel or breaker repaired, we’ve got you covered. We also understand that you may not know what repair you need; if so, we’re happy to help you locate the problem to prevent future issues. No project is too big or too small for us, so if you need commercial electrician services in Louisburg including Lake Royale, North Carolina, or surrounding areas, give us a call.

Commercial Electrical Work

Commercial buildings in and around Louisburg require electrical components that few electricians have experience handling. C&S Electric of Louisburg LLC is proud to offer commercial electrical services in Louisburg including Lake Royale, NC, and surrounding areas. As an Unlimited Licensed electrician, the quality of our work is unmatched. Calling us is the best thing you could do for your facility’s electricity because we will ensure the work is done properly. Commercial buildings can’t afford to have their electric components incorrectly installed, and we get that. Commercial buildings are unique in that they require a large amount of power and voltage, and wiring and fuses must be installed correctly to ensure reliability and safety. As a holder of an Unlimited License, we are permitted to work on high voltage with no restrictions

Commercial Lighting Services

Businesses require lighting in and outside their facilities that’s reliable and energy efficient. The problem many business owners encounter is finding an Unlimited Licensed electrician that has experience in commercial lighting installation. C&S Electric of Louisburg LLC is proud to be the most dependable electrical company in Louisburg including Lake Royale, North Carolina, for commercial lighting services. After all, you must hire an Unlimited Licensed electrician for commercial lighting installations and repairs to ensure the job is completed properly.

The Lighting Projects We Do

If your business is still using incandescent lighting, it’s time for you to upgrade to LEDs. LED bulbs last longer and use significantly less energy, which will drive your energy costs down. Our commercial lighting installation services include several options. We can upgrade the light fixtures in your business or install fixtures in a brand-new building. In addition, we understand how important it is to have your business lit outside, which why we also handle exterior projects.

The Commercial Customers We Serve

We help several different types of commercial customers in and around Louisburg, North Carolina. Some of the buildings we work on include:

  • Retail stores
  • Commercial residential buildings
  • Factories
  • Warehouses
  • Office buildings
  • Medical facilities
  • Dental offices
  • Churches
  • Firehouses
  • And more!

Why C&S Electric of Louisburg LLC

The quality of C&S Electric of Louisburg LLC’s work is unsurpassed because of our experience. When you call us for commercial electrical services, we make sure the job is done correctly. No job is too big or too small for us. So, whether you need to install wiring throughout your facility, you need lights or transformers installed, or you merely need to replace a breaker, we can help. As Unlimited Licensed professionals, we will also ensure your facility is compliant with local codes and regulations. Electrical components must always be up to code in a commercial setting to ensure safety and optimal performance.

As a trusted commercial electrician service, we’re proud to help companies in our community of Louisburg and throughout our service area with their electrical needs. Give us a call today; we’ll be happy to learn more about your project, so we can provide you with a quote.

C&S Electric of Louisburg LLC offers professional Unlimited Licensed commercial electrician services to companies in the Louisburg including Lake Royale, Wake Forest, Raleigh and surrounding areas. Commercial electricians concentrate on working on factories, and general commercial properties. This sort of electrical work differs from residential work mainly due to the amount of power which is required. Also, there are different codes and regulations to follow.


Our Commercial Electrical Services Include:

  • 24/7 Commercial Emergency Service
  • Indoor Commercial Lighting – Repair & Maintenance
  • Generators
  • Surge Protection
  • Transformers
  • New Outlets
  • New Circuitry & Power Distribution

All electrical work serviced and installed by an Unlimited Licensed electrician*.

* Unlimited License, or Unlimited Classification: Requires five years of experience, along with two electrician experienced vouchers which are sworn statements by previously employed electrical contractors that you worked as an electrician. They must sit for and pass an intensive electrical exam before their license is issued. Unlimited electrical contractors do not have project value or voltage limitations. Electricians must also take the required continuing education hours per calendar year to maintain their electrical license.